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Peter Maxwell Davies


George Mackay Brown and Peter Maxwell Davies joined forces many times from 1971 until the poet's death in 1996, and indeed the composer is inspired to the present time by GMB's words.   On the day GMB died, Maxwell Davies completed his 6th symphony which he dedicated to his friend.

Chronological List of Peter Maxwell Davies' Works Inspired by the Writings of 
George Mackay Brown

1971 ~ From Stone to Thorn

             Cantata for soprano and ensemble
             from Stations of the Cross - An Orkney Tapestry

1973 ~ Fiddlers at the Wedding
          Song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and ensemble
             from Fishermen with Ploughs

1974 ~ Dark Angels
             Song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and guitar
             from Fishermen with Ploughs

1976 ~ The Blind Fiddler
   Song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and instrumental ensemble
             from A Spell for Green Corn

1977 ~ The Martyrdom of St Magnus
Chamber opera in nine scenes
             from the novel Magnus

             Four songs and a prayer, with seascapes for SATB chorus
             Poems specially written

1978 ~ The Two Fiddlers
          Opera in two acts for young performers
             from the short story The Two Fiddlers

1979 ~ Solstice of Light
             Cantata for tenor, SATB chorus and organ
             Poems specially written

             Black Pentecost
             For mezzo-soprano, baritone and orchestra
            Text drawn from the novel Greenvoe

1981 ~ Lullaby for Lucy
             For SATB chorus
             Poem specially written

             The Well
             Incidental music to a play

1983 ~ Bessie Millie's Wind Shop
             Incidental music to a play

             Into the Labyrinth
             Cantata for tenor and orchestra
             Drawn from the play The Well

1984 ~ One Star at Last
             Carol for SATB chorus
             from Voyages

1986 ~ House of Winter
             Song-cycle for AATBBB chorus or vocal sextet
             Four Christmas poems

             Sea Runes
             Song-cycle for vocal sextet or AATBBB chorus
             from Fishermen with Ploughs

             Song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and instrumental ensemble
             from Winterfold

1990 ~ Apple Basket:  Apple Blossom
For SATB chorus
             from Voyages

1991 ~ Witch
Incidental music to a play

             The Road to Colonnus
              Incidental music to a play

1993 ~ Shepherds of Hoy
Carol for young children's voices and piano
             Poem specially written

1994 ~ A Hoy Calendar
             For SATB chorus
             Setting of a poem

1995 ~ The Three Kings
              For SATB soli, SATB chorus and orchestra
             Settings of 12 Christmas poems

1996 ~ Symphony No. 6
For orchestra
             Dedicated to George Mackay Brown

1997 ~ Orkney Saga I: Fifteen keels laid in Norway for Jerusalem-fares
              For orchestra
              First in a series of fourteen works that together will form a narrative of 
             "the most famous recorded voyage that Orkney men ever made", namely 
              the journey to and from Jerusalem during the Crusade of 1151. 
             The text linking this narrative is written by George Mackay Brown

             Orkney Saga II:  in Kirkwall, the first red St Magnus stones
             For orchestra
             Second in the series of fourteen works.
             Linking text by George Mackay Brown

1998 ~ A Reel of Seven Fishermen
             Orchestral work in three movements based on a poem:
             A Reel of Seven Fishermen

             Sea Elegy
             For SATB Soli Chorus and Orchestra
             Choral work  
             Setting of the poems
Four Sea Elegies from Winterfold

1999 ~ Orkney Saga III: An Orkney Wintering, Stone poems in Orkahowe:
              "great treasure."
              For alto saxophone and orchestra
             Third in the series of fourteen works. 
             Linking text by George Mackay Brown

2000 ~ Orkney Saga V: Westerly Gale in Biscay, Salt in the Bread Broken
             For SATB Chorus and orchestra
             Fifth in the series of fourteen works
            Linking text by George Mackay Brown 

             A Dream of Snow
             Songs for children's voices SSAA
             Five songs for children taken from the book of poems Following a Lark

             Una Balena Azzurra
             For SATBB Chorus, with option organ or piano accompaniment
             Italian translation of the last part of A Hoy Calendar

2002 ~ A Calendar of Kings
For vocal quartet

A Dance on the Hill
             For mezzo-soprano and orchestra

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